Benefits of Partnering with the Right Seller Partner

You’re busy building the business via marketing and creating products. You’re also prepping and packaging the products to ship to FBA — and you’re making sure Amazon confirms they’ve got it. Your brain feels like it’s been split and shipped to multiple locations.

A 3rd party logistic provider can make your shipments headache-free plus give you 3 additional logistical benefits.

You create a shipment on Amazon.

You’re careful to package all the boxes appropriately. You measure the boxes with a tape measure, and you weigh each box on the scale. Some of your boxes are also carefully labeled “Team Lift.” You have all the right packaging materials, and everything is labeled with the right barcodes. All shipment boxes have the shipment ID, scannable barcode, and the ship to/from address. You make sure the labels are clearly visible — in the top-center of all 4 sides of the pallet.

You hold your breath as your pallet is loaded onto the truck. And you’re still holding your breath when you don’t see the inventory showing on the Manage Inventory page.

Your freight forwarder can’t get an appointment to deliver the packages. And you’re getting an error message that the shipment doesn’t exist.

You start chasing the non-human support, hoping for a human response. But all you get is — “This case will now be resolved. Please note, that any further correspondence regarding this matter may not receive a reply.”


You ship your orders, and they are received. Every last item is seen on your dashboard. Problems? There are people to talk to. You can speak directly to a human and get a response that resolves the issue.

What if you didn’t have to track and chase and reconcile inventory? That won’t send you on a vacation. But, it will make it easier for you to focus on the big picture.

Shipping customer orders is time-consuming and crucial to your business. If doing it by yourself or with FBA takes too much of your time, know that it’s a job that can be reliably outsourced. Your business big picture? That’s only up to you.

You can have someone reliable store, pack, and ship your products to waiting customers.

What is a fulfillment partner, and how can it help me?

A fulfillment partner, also known as third-party logistics companies (3PL), will manage inventory, process orders, and ship products for e‑commerce companies, helping the e‑commerce companies meet the demands of online sales while also growing their business.

Did you know? A fulfillment center offers warehouse and shipping services to move products quickly. A warehousing solution is meant for long-term storage.

Services offered by Fulfillment Partners

Your business has unique needs, so it’s essential to find a partner that can match what you need.

  • Do your products need to ship via air, every day?
  • Are your packages large and bulky?
  • Have some items that are frozen or temperature-sensitive?
  • What integrations or SKU systems do you want?
  • Do you need RFID tracking or video monitoring (recommended for high-value goods)?

Keep these details in mind to find the right logistics company for your business.

Having someone else pick and pack your products is scary. You want to know the bottom line impact — how will it affect customers, how will it affect the brand?

Bottom-line logistic benefits of working with the right 3PL provider:

  1. Excellent stock prediction (no more warehousing audits!)

    Sold products must be in stock and available to ship. Correction. All products must be in stock and available to ship. You don’t want to risk annoying a customer and having them look elsewhere for a product.

    A good fulfillment partner will have the exact count of your available products and will be able to predict when you should restock.

    Additionally, the right partner can accommodate a seasonal influx without putting you through stressful storage limits.

    Here at Witz, we have near 100% stock levels.

    Did you know? The optimal time frame for keeping products in a fulfillment center is one month. Longer than that, and you’ll likely incur storage fees. Shorter than that, and you risk running out-of-stock.

  2. High customer satisfaction (happy customers!)

    This is two-fold. For a customer to be satisfied, the item must be delivered on time and in perfect condition.

    Witz ensures lightning-fast shipping speeds with reliable shipping that meets and exceeds customer expectations. And, our facility is temperature-controlled. We can handle with care your frozen and fragile packages.

  3. Stellar customer service (no need to deal with any returns!)

    That pile of returns waiting to be sorted? No more. Fulfillment providers offer services to manage customer complaints and deal with returns.

    Witz has a specialized team to handle customer issues and provide fast solutions.

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How you can know if a fulfillment partner measures up

It’s always smart to work with KPI’s (key performance indicators) even when marketing is not involved.

These metrics can help you determine how your current fulfillment processing is doing.

  • Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Order Shipping Time
  • Delivery Lead Time
  • Rate of Return and Process
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Order Fulfillment Accuracy Rate

Keep monitoring these metrics to know if your fulfillment processing is working for or against you.


Picking, packing, and printing labels for every single order means you are giving your best to every customer. But, if you don’t have time to grow your business, this may backfire on you and on the customers that have come to love your products. Prepping your packages for FBA may give you more stress than it’s worth. The right 3rd party logistic provider, like Witz, can provide worry-free shipping, plus 3 amazing logistical benefits.

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