How to Grow Your Brand with Amazon Posts

In today’s crowded online marketplace, digital marketing is more important than ever for online retailers. This especially holds true for Amazon businesses, which are competing in an incredibly saturated environment—there are over 2 million sellers who actively use Amazon to conduct online commerce.

To stand out in such a competitive landscape, savvy business owners know that social media is of the essence. Fortunately, Amazon sellers have access to an easy and effective tool available to them right within Amazon: Amazon Posts. In this blog article, you’ll learn how Amazon Posts works, what its many benefits are, and how you can best harness the power of this tool.

What is Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is an image-based social media tool that allows sellers to curate product and lifestyle content that’s displayed on their brand’s feed, as well as on product- or category-based feeds that can be found throughout Amazon. The posts are directly linked to product detail pages, making it easy for customers to purchase the promoted item.

It’s important to note that Amazon posts are only displayed in the Amazon mobile app or on when accessed through a mobile web browser.

Who Can Use Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is available to all sellers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. The Amazon Brand Registry is a program that provides trademarked brands with tools to manage and protect their online branding.

Why Use Amazon Posts?

There are many benefits of this social media tool:

  1. It’s Free! Rather than spending money on pay-per-click and other digital advertising efforts, you’ll be able to advertise your products free of charge.
  2. Expand Your Reach. Amazon is the most visited online marketplace in the United States, with approximately two billion visits per month. By sharing your content on Amazon, you’ll be sure to increase brand visibility.
  3. Show Off Your Brand’s Persona. Amazon Posts gives you the ability to showcase your brand’s personality. It’s this unique identity that helps you grow customer loyalty, as shoppers tend to remain loyal to brands that have a persona that resonates with them.
  4. Provide a Frictionless Shopping Experience. Social media and online shopping have been slowly merging for years, and Amazon Posts has now fused the two seamlessly. Since Amazon Posts brings social media to its selling platform, customers can make a purchase without being redirected to a new webpage—which reduces friction and increases the odds that they’ll complete the sale.
  5. Stand Up to Competition. Because Amazon automatically tags your posts and adds them to related feeds, your content makes its way onto competitors’ product detail pages—and is thus seen by those shopping for similar items. What could be a better way to get your foot in the door with customers who are about to buy a competing product?

How to Get Started With Amazon Posts

As mentioned earlier, you must be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry to use Amazon Posts. Once you have done that, here’s how you can start creating content:

Step 1: Head to and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click “Get Started.”

Step 3: Select the Brand You’d Like to Promote.

Step 4: Create Your Post’s Profile.

Step 5: Start Creating Posts!

How to Create Successful Amazon Posts

Amazon posts consist of an image, the brand’s name and logo, a caption, tags (automatically added by Amazon based on the type of post/product), and a “show product” button so that the user can visit the product detail page. 

When building your posts, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind so you can ensure maximum visibility and engagement:

  • Make sure you use a high-resolution and high-quality logo (see above)
  • Use post images that are high-res and clearly demonstrate the product in use. Avoid plain white backgrounds or chaotic overlaid text and icons.
  • Write a caption that’s sharp and to the point. Use the text to demonstrate the benefits and unique value of your product. Avoid jargon and generic product descriptions that don’t tell your product’s story.
  • Keep in mind that only two sentences of the caption are displayed. When drafting a caption, think: what can I say that will make the visitor want to click through and see the rest of the post?

For more information on Amazon post creation, click here to see Amazon’s official guidelines.

Amazon Posts Success Story: Natural Heaven

Natural Heaven, a manufacturer of low-carb foods, crafted eye-catching posts and successfully gained thousands of impressions and dozens of clicks. 

How did they do this? Here are some of Natural Heaven’s keys to success:

  • High-Quality (And Mouth-Watering) Photos. Natural Heaven plated up delicious eats and captured them expertly. The viewer was drawn in, as they wanted to know how they could get this dish on their own plate.
  • Engaging Captions That Tell a Story and Pique Curiosity. Natural Heaven included captions that engaged with the reader and encouraged them to click through to the full post. Among their captions were recipes that showcased Natural Heaven ingredients, and links to relevant product pages.

Grow Your Business With Amazon Posts

Ready to break through the online clutter and get your Amazon business the attention—and sales—it deserves? Contact our marketing team today. Our experts will position your brand and craft Amazon posts that stand out from the crowd and earn you more clicks.

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