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The wide world of e‑commerce has many facets that require attention. Keeping your brand safe and protected, maintaining a strong online listing presence, and learning about the latest trends can take time, so we share an overview of our insight here in The Ecom Edge. Read on to learn more.

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Protect your brand from unauthorized sellers, pirates, & counterfeiters. 

Find out more about Brand Gating by reading the full article.

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Alvita Herbal Teas

Traditional, farm-grown teas turned online success: Alvita partners with Witz resulting in impressive double-digit growth.

What we did:
  1. Product Listing Optimization + Involvement in packaging upgrade
  2. Enhancements to support order fulfillment
  3. Data-driven decision making

The Highlights:

  • 1,829% growth in Amazon sales since 2020
  • Dozens of new bundles launched since 2020
  • 10.7% ROAS from Amazon Advertising

Learn more about Alvita’s story by reading the full case study below.


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Q&A with Rachel


National Business Development

What do you like most about Witz? 
The company culture is amazing. I work remotely and find the people to be super friendly, flexible, and accepting. 

What do you like most about your position?  
I am constantly opening doors for new partnerships. I meet and get to know people from a variety of backgrounds and I really enjoy this aspect of my role.

What’s the future of e‑commerce? 
It’s the reality. I believe all brick & mortar companies that haven’t converted to online capabilities until now, will go under in 2022. I am absolutely an online shopper.

Years at Witz: 1 Year

If Witz were an animal which would it be?
I think the insect, the ant because:

  1. They work quietly without any fanfare and accomplish the unimaginable. 
  2. Ants are notoriously strong. They can carry more than 20 times their bodyweight!

Outside of Witz, what do you like to do? 
I enjoy the keyboard. I am a past piano teacher and all of my kids play music. I don’t always have time right now but the house is always filled with music and I love it.




Latest in E‑commerce

We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in e‑commerce.

Groceries, Biometrics, Gaming & More

E‑commerce trends continue to shift in 2022. Are you keeping up?

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