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Black Friday is coming up fast … Is your brand ready?

No matter what is happening in the world, we can always count on Black Friday to come around the corner too fast. When you’re caught up in the day-to-day of making an e-commerce brand a success, you may get distracted and wait until it’s too late to ensure that the biggest online sales day of the year doesn’t catch you off-guard. 

In this edition of The Ecom Edge, we’ll explore strategic uses for your Amazon ad campaign data during this globally infamous shopping day of the year. We’ll also show off a product video we made (an invaluable tool for sales conversions) that tactfully champions the solution to a sensitive topic.

There’s more, including a Q&A with one of our wonderful employees and a link to an article on how to win over Alexa on the busiest shopping day of the year. 

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Making Sure to Make Sense of Your Amazon Ad KPIs

Before you leverage the power of Black Friday’s surge in traffic and sales, do you have a handle on your Amazon ad campaign metrics? There’s a lot of data to sift through, but it’s worth it to understand how your ads are performing. By taking the time to analyze your metrics, you can improve your ad campaigns and bring in more sales.

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All About the Numbers



Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative – Since 1925

One of the best ways to win Black Friday is to make sure your Amazon A+ Content (formerly referred to as EBC) sets you apart from the competition. The Witz design team was asked to create a new product listing video for heritage brand Swiss Kriss. The challenge was to maintain sensitivity to the hush-hush subject material, while also conveying the message in a concise and clear way allows the Swiss Kriss’ quality and authority in the market to shine through. Watch and let us know how we did, and if the team can get creative for your brand too. 

Watch the Product Video | Visit the Amazon Product Listing



Q&A with Abraham Mehring

Account Manager/Buyer

What do you like most about your position?
I enjoy seeing the satisfaction of our partners and the fruits of my labor. The opportunity to work alongside my colleagues is equally rewarding.

What do you like most about Witz?
The reputation we have acquired is cherished in the industry and achieved through our dedication.

Years at Witz: 
I have been with Witz for nearly a year.

If Witz were an animal which would it be?
Like a fox, witty and quick. Witz will overcome any challenge.

Outside of Witz, what do you like to do?
I enjoy studying history. I also participate in volunteer activities in my community.



Latest in e-Commerce

We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in e-commerce.


Is winning over Alexa the key to winning Black Friday? 

In 2022, more customers than ever are calling out to Alexa to place their orders on Amazon. It’s important that sellers pay attention to this growing trend and not get left behind; especially in advance of Black Friday, which, for Amazon, starts on Thanksgiving Day and carries into Friday. Imagine the family gathered in the kitchen, chopping onions and celery, and the total convenience of calling out to Alexa to handle ordering the next bag of dog food without needing to rinse your hands. It just makes sense. 

Getting Alexa to choose your brand and product is the tricky part. It all depends on something called “Amazon’s Choice,” which no amount of ad money can buy. To find out what it takes to get this coveted badge, start by reading up on Amazon’s explanation. For a more in-depth dive, click below to read a helpful article from Search Engine Journal.

And, if you need help getting your product pages optimized with the goal of winning over Alexa, the Witz Team is here for you.  


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