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Cause Marketing Works

October is known as “Breast Cancer Awareness” month and nearly every brand shows support by including the pink ribbon on its products. These efforts are known as Cause Marketing—a growing in popularity tactic brands utilize to connect with customers. By aligning brands with a good cause, companies can create powerful emotional connections with consumers and drive positive word-of-mouth and loyalty.

One way brands can incorporate cause marketing is through A+ Content. Learn more about the significance of this feature and the latest updates Amazon recently released in this issue of The Ecom Edge.

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Discover the Secret Behind A+ Content

Learn about Amazon’s most visually engaging feature known as A+ Content and how it can educate and inspire your customers to love and share your products.

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All About the Numbers



Eco-Dent Lifestyle Images:
Communicating Values

Eco-Dent’s Extra Brite tooth powder is an all-natural, non-abrasive, and eco-friendly tooth whitener. How can this message be portrayed through images? Using before and afters shows product value. Badges of authority like Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and No Artificial Sweeteners present the brand’s values. 



Q&A with Kathleen

Content Production – Copywriter

What do you like most about your position?
I enjoy creating content for a variety of awesome companies.

What do you like most about Witz?
I like being a part of a friendly team in a flexible work environment.

Time at Witz: 
3 months

If Witz were an animal which would it be?
Here are three things I know about beavers: Beavers are known for their meticulous handiwork. Their teeth never stop growing. They help and work well with others. It may sound strange to be called a beaver. However, I would say it’s quite a fitting compliment to Witz!

Outside of Witz, what do you like to do?
I love creating. So my hobbies outside of work are writing and drawing. I also compose music – I sing and play the piano.



Latest in E‑commerce

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14 Cause Marketing Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

This comprehensive article discusses the origins of cause marketing and 14 cases where brands got it right. From Dawn Dishliquid to TOMs and Box Tops for Education, cause marketing is nearly everywhere if you know what to look for. Is your brand ready to declare a cause close to its heart?

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