The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Outsmarting Amazon Competition 

Amazon is a massive marketplace with millions of products competing for attention. So, how do you find the right Amazon competitors to enhance your brand? Focus on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and compare those to your competitors. Look for who is doing incrementally better or worse than your brand to find opportunities. By focusing your efforts on Amazon competitors who are directly comparable to your brand, you will be able to focus your marketing efforts and take advantage of opportunities. Gain a competitive edge with this 5-step guide.

1. Research & Optimize 

Trying to be everything to everyone will spread you too thin and leave you vulnerable. Instead, identify key areas where you can compete effectively and focus your energy. That focus could include anything from price to customer service to product selection.  

When assessing the competition on Amazon, it is vital to look at both paid and organic placements. Brands willing to invest in paid placement are clearly interested in dominating the market for a particular keyword. However, organic placement is also essential. Brands that have secured organic placement have put time and effort into optimizing their listings for Amazon’s search engine. As a result, they are typically high-quality products with solid star ratings and high reviews. Ultimately, you will need to weigh both paid and organic placements when assessing the competition on Amazon. 

If you see competitor products have more reviews or higher ratings, then you need to step up your game. Offer promotional codes, discounts, or free shipping to encourage customers to leave reviews. Ensure that every product you sell is of the highest quality to maintain a high average rating.  Helium is an excellent tool to help you research and optimize to focus your efforts. Here is a resource for finding the keyword research tool that fits your needs. 

2. Understand Product Listings  

It can seem daunting to compete with major brands on Amazon. However, there are ways to analyze competitor brands and find vulnerabilities. Examine their product listings and take note of the components that make up a great listing. Once you know what to look for, you can start to see which of your competitors are most vulnerable. For example, if they have weak images or low search volume descriptions, then you know you can improve in those areas to give your listings a better chance at ranking higher. Data Dive is an excellent resource that can help brands understand product listings. Amazon guidelines can also help you optimize listings effectively. 

3. Nurture Your Reviews  

Amazon product reviews can be a powerful tool for understanding your customers and finding areas where your competition has fallen short. Use reviews to identify additional keywords and search terms your customers use to find comparable products. Look for areas where other brand products compare to your own and use this information to improve your listings and address specific complaints.  

Pay attention to Amazon Reviews: 

  • Existing customers often use Amazon Reviews to alert other potential buyers to incorrect listing information. Reviews are especially insightful for products with safety concerns, such as food items or toys.  
  • Reviewers often highlight product shortcomings not explicitly explained in the listing.  
  • Amazon reviewers are also quick to point out differences between the product description and how it was received. For brands offering high-value items, even a minor discrepancy can be costly. Amazon product reviews can give you a competitive edge, so use them to your advantage.

4. Examine Their Brand Store 

Another key to outsmarting Amazon competition is analyzing their brand store. With a careful examination of the official Amazon Brand Store, you can understand how much effort and expertise competitors have put into their business. Is the store easy to navigate? Are there many products listed? Is the branding user-friendly and consistent? Are they fully utilizing the features of A+ Content? These are all factors to consider when analyzing your Amazon competitors.  

If your competition has an Amazon Brand Store with multiple tabs, they may be eligible for Sponsored Brand advertising campaigns. Sponsored brands can be stiff competition. You may need to invest in quality Sponsored Brand ads to compete on the same level. Keep an eye on the activities of your competition and be ready to adjust your own strategies accordingly. 

To get a complete view of your competition on Amazon, research their sales and branding strategy across all channels. Understand how many sales channels they are using, what these channels are, and how well they are performing. Additionally, keep track of pricing consistency, branding, and variation selection. By doing this research, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of your competition and identify any areas where you may have an advantage. 

5. Stay Up to Date on Amazon’s Latest Feature Releases

To stay ahead of the competition, stay on top of Amazon’s latest feature releases. One way to do this is to follow their Selling Partner Blog. Amazon often announces new features and updates on its blog, so when you keep up with its posts, you can be among the first to know about and utilize new features. Additionally, it can be helpful to set up notifications for Amazon-related updates on Twitter and other platforms to be aware of upcoming features and changes. By staying up to date, you can be sure that you are always ahead on Amazon features.  

Consider Your Amazon Competition Outsmarted  

It can seem daunting to maintain a competitive edge in a sea of major brands on Amazon. However, with perseverance, you can apply these tips and hold your own against other brands. Witz Group ensures the Amazon listings of partner brands are fully optimized and prepared to make an impact.  

By partnering with Witz, brands ensure that their listings are optimized to increase traffic and sales on Amazon. Feel free to contact Witz Group for professional guidance on outsmarting your competition. 

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