Best Practices for Launching New Amazon Products

With the ease of ordering and shipping, it’s no surprise that Amazon has become the top e-commerce retailer in the world. Launching a new product can be tricky. There is much to consider – from creating the most optimized listing to finding the best, most effective ways to drive traffic to your product page. Here are a few things to consider before a successful product launch to ensure you gain traction among Amazon shoppers. 

Analyze and Monitor Competitor Reviews and Listings 

It is essential to find the converting keywords that will put you in the lead against your closest competition. One way to gain insight is to analyze reviews and listings. Checking in on competitor reviews is a terrific way to understand how your product stacks up against theirs. It can also help you understand their strategies and identify areas where you may have an advantage.  

Reading customer reviews also helps you better understand customer preferences regarding your competition. Take the time to study the Amazon listings of your competition so you can see how they position their products in the market and what keywords they use to attract customers. Armed with this information, you can adjust your own products and marketing strategy to compete for online sales. 

Data mining is a powerful process of gathering and analyzing information. Through this process, researchers can uncover patterns and insights that can lead to a better understanding of consumer behavior and make predictions about future outcomes. There are quite a few tools that can help with data mining, such as Helium 10’s Review Insights tool.    

Market Your Product with the Right Techniques   

When you have an understanding of your audience, you can figure out the best ways to connect with them through successful marketing strategies. After you’ve narrowed down your customer, or buyer persona, start planning your activities. Here are some specific Amazon marketing techniques to consider: 

Sponsored Ads 

Sponsored ads offer companies the chance to improve their visibility and increase sales. This tool allows Amazon to display your product details on their shopping results pages or on competitor product detail pages. This pay-per-click system lets you pay an amount that aligns with the traffic you hope to generate. Through careful consideration of your product’s description, pictures, quick shipping services, and attractive pricing, you have the potential to make a sale. There is a wide range of ways to use Amazon advertising, so consider investing in this powerful paid marketing tool. You can learn more about it on the Amazon advertising site. 


Optimizing your Amazon listings can be a simple and effective way to increase your visibility. When you utilize relevant keywords on your page in titles, descriptions, and other areas of the listing, customers will be more likely to find you when searching for related items. Resources like Amazon Brand Analytics and DataDive are a great way to determine which terms are most often used for searches, allowing you to use them to improve the search engine rankings of your Amazon product listing. This method is also applicable beyond Amazon when targeting general search engines such as Google. 

Social Media 

Incorporating your listings into online conversations is an effective way to drive traffic and sales. Brands can create a blog to share product insight and showcase user reviews. You can also consider bringing awareness to the product by creating YouTube videos, collaborating with influencers, or posting on Twitter. 

Identify What Makes Your Product Unique 

Marketing is all about creating a need or want for your product. To accomplish this, you must first understand what your product offers and what makes it better than similar products. This could include additional functionality and feature, size or color variations, or improvements in quality. No matter how unique your product may be, it is important to make it known to your target market. Once you’ve identified your key selling points, you can start to amplify the perceived value of your product. This will make your brand more appealing to potential customers and help you stand out from the crowd.  

Don’t Overlook Quality Control  

Even if you are confident that your product is ready for launch, there are a few final checks and balances you should go through to ensure a successful market debut. Take a close look at your marketing efforts. Are they aligned with your product goals? Make sure your marketing team has a clear understanding of the product and its target audience.  

Next, review your manufacturing process and supply chain to ensure that your product is high quality and meets all local regulations. Finally, think about your overall launch strategy. Do you have a plan to introduce your product to the market? By taking the time to double-check these vital details, you can help ensure a smooth and successful launch. Here are some excellent software tools that can help brands manage quality control.  

The Very Best Practice for Launching New Amazon Products 

Launching a product on Amazon is a considerable task, but with the right strategies in place, your brand can stand out. Witz Group is committed to helping brands successfully launch their products on Amazon. Our team of professionals works diligently to optimize product listings and analyze competitors.  

Having an experienced guide along your journey makes launching on Amazon less intimidating. We believe everyone should have access to reliable resources for succeeding in e-commerce. That’s why Witz strives to get each one of our partners ahead of the game. Reach out for assistance today.

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