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As summer returns, we eagerly anticipate the 2023 Prime Day announcement. This month’s edition brings you essential insights for launching new Amazon products, top tips from JungleScout to prepare for Prime Day, and an inspiring success story from our partner, Vital Earth Minerals. Read on for the key to making this Prime Day your best one yet!

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Best Practices for Launching New Amazon Products

Launching a product on Amazon? Don’t let it flop! Review our top tips to ensure success. 

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Shea Moisture’s “Bonus Size” Badges:
A Small Change, Big Difference!


Witness the power of small changes for significant impact. With the addition of the “bonus size” badge to the main image, the product stands out from competitors. This feature enhances the consumer’s organic shopping journey, making it smoother and more efficient from search to checkout. Reach out now to unlock the potential of small tweaks to your listings and elevate customer choices and satisfaction.


Latest in E-commerce

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How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023
Discover the secrets to maximum seller success with JungleScout’s top tips for Amazon Prime Day 2023! Learn how to effectively prepare your business for this thrilling sales event and unlock the key to record-breaking sales in the article below.
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All About the Numbers


Vital Earth Minerals

Discover the success story of Vital Earth Minerals, a well-established health supplements brand, as they faced compliance issues on Amazon in 2022, resulting in the delisting of their top-selling product. Follow the link below to find out how their partnership with Witz has led to a remarkable turnaround in 2023.

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Q&A with Edwin Madero

Virtual Assistant

What do you like most about your position? 
I like that I can utilize my collective knowledge from previous jobs and experiences to make a meaningful impact in achieving our goals at Witz.

What do you like most about Witz?

I appreciate the positive work environment, respectful interactions among coworkers, and continuous opportunities to learn and achieve new goals.

Time at Witz:
Almost 2 years. 

If Witz were an animal which would it be? 

An eagle for its’ vision, strength, and speed.

Outside of Witz, what do you like to do? 
I have an entrepreneurial spirit and dream about opening my own business one day. I also like to travel as much as I can.


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