Why is Target Plus the Perfect Online Marketplace for Your Brand?

Target Plus is a premier online marketplace specifically designed for third-party e-commerce sellers. The relatively new platform sets itself apart from other marketplaces by thoughtfully selecting strategic partners to provide customers with high-quality products in niche categories. The invitation-only program offers users powerful listing tools, making it a wonderful way to increase product visibility and optimize sales tactics within a secure, multi-faceted platform. All Target Plus members receive the support they need from a dedicated team to understand how to best navigate this exclusive marketplace system for success. Here are a few reasons Target Plus could be the perfect online marketplace for your brand. 


Target Plus: The Perfect Platform 


Target’s platform provides a unique advantage that can be leveraged by merchants who want to expand their reach and tap into Target’s vast network of shoppers. With Target Plus, sellers are not in direct competition with big retail companies on Amazon. They can leverage Target’s expansive audience and reputation for quality products. Target Plus provides the perfect platform for creating an engaging page tailored to your brand and products. With Target’s customizable features, your brand can make a distinctive mark in the online retail space.  


Not only is Target Plus an exclusive marketplace, but it is also one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the United States. Currently, a limited amount of sellers are benefitting from the high-profit margins and traffic from over 200 million monthly visitors. And, with only one seller per UPC, brands can enjoy these benefits without competing with one another for a shopper’s attention. Target’s value proposition is to offer a more focused and tranquil shopping experience than on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. Shoppers can browse efficiently without an overwhelmingly large inventory or tight deadlines for special deals.  


Benefits of the Target Plus Marketplace 


One of the main benefits of the Target Plus marketplace is the low competition among the exclusive sellers compared to other e-commerce sites. Additionally, Target’s high barrier of entry contributes heavily to its high conversion rates. Here are some additional benefits that make Target Plus the perfect marketplace for your brand. 


Build Brand Association 

Target’s reputation for quality, customer service, and value makes it easier for buyers to trust your brand. When you build an association between Target and your products, customers can feel secure in their purchase, knowing they are dealing with one of the biggest names in retail. 


Gain Loyal Target Customers 

The Target Plus marketplace provides an excellent opportunity for brands to gain customers who are already loyal to Target with a personalized storefront page on the site. Designed to showcase your branding, messaging, and products, this feature gives your business the invaluable opportunity to gain real visibility on Target’s website with highly engaged customers. 


Target Plus is at the core of Target’s customer loyalty program, providing exclusive benefits to loyal shoppers online or in-store. The company offers coupon codes to customers who use their Target RedCards when shopping in person and online. It has developed an efficient system where shoppers can easily obtain discounts and promotional savings on purchases. Every day, RedCard members receive 5% off at Target stores and Partnering brands can expect to benefit from Target’s loyal customer base. 


Enjoy No-Hassle Returns   

While you still need to handle shipping products yourself, Target makes it easy for online sellers and buyers by taking care of all returns for Target Plus businesses. This gives sellers one less thing to worry about. Moreover, customers feel more at ease throughout their purchase process since they know they can either ship the item back or make an in-store return with Target if they are dissatisfied. The Target Plus return policy ultimately supports a seamless customer experience, which can ultimately lead to stronger sales numbers. 




Future Partners 


Target Plus is expanding its product line by partnering with brands for their guests. From high-end tech and luxury fashion brands to eco-friendly products and natural wellness remedies, the retail giant is bringing a diverse range of exciting new items to its customers. Although the program is invite-only for now, Target plans to open its doors to potential partners in the future. As the marketplace continues to grow, shoppers will always be eager to find more exclusive products and collaborations from various brands. 


Target understands the importance of providing a seamless customer experience for its online shoppers. That’s why they’ve implemented a dedicated team to handle all direct communication with guests regarding Target Plus products or orders. This initiative ensures that customers receive the highest level of service possible and can trust that their inquiries are in good hands. Target Guest Services (TGS) is the go-to frontline team for customer support at Target. Support is available by phone, email, or chat. With TGS handling concerns, brand partners can rest assured that any issues will be resolved promptly and professionally. 


Prepare Your Brand to Benefit from Target Plus  



Qualifying to utilize Target Plus is a challenge, but with the right strategies, your brand can benefit from this perfect online marketplace. Witz Group is committed to helping brands be as successful as possible. Witz strives to get each one of our partners ahead of the game. Reach out for assistance today! 

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