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The summer is heating up and so is the competition for online marketplaces. In this edition, we introduce you to Target Plus, a newer platform for online sellers, Customer Engagement emails on Amazon, and our new segment, Term of the Month. Don’t miss out on these exciting updates and expert tips that will supercharge your online marketplace success!

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Why is Target Plus the Perfect Online Marketplace for Your Brand? 

Check out how Target Plus is quickly becoming a great place for third-party sellers with a platform to reach a wider customer base and showcase their products.

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Are You Overlooking A Fantastic Opportunity on Amazon?

If you haven’t tapped into the power of Amazon’s Customer Engagement Emails, now is the perfect time to jump in. With Seller Central, you can effortlessly create compelling emails tailored to promote any ASIN you choose. What’s more, you can even include other ASINs for cross-promotion, multiplying your chances of success. The campaign below had an impressive 45.33% open rate that led to significant sales.


Latest in E-commerce

We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in e-commerce.

Online Marketplaces in the USA: Amazon is Not The Only Show in Town
Discover a world beyond Amazon as you delve into an insightful article that reveals the diverse ecosystem of online marketplaces. From niche platforms to emerging competitors, this eye-opening piece will reshape your perspective and unveil new opportunities in the ever-expanding realm of ecommerce.
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Term of the Month


The Witz Corner

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“I have worked with the Witz Group for many years now and from the very beginning the entire organization has never wavered from a top tier partnership! A fully invested organization from the Brand Management Team to the Marketing Team, the Witz Group will go far beyond your expectations to deliver nothing short of perfection!” 

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