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August 2023 Edition

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Check out this month’s edition as we explore the topic of sustainability in e-commerce. With Amazon’s Sustainability Report for 2022 being released recently, there is a lot to be said about how sustainable efforts are changing marketplaces. We invite you to read on to learn more about this evolving aspect of the e-commerce industry.




Content Spotlight

A Tiny Badge with a Big Impact:

Climate Pledge Friendly

The Climate Pledge Friendly badge on Amazon listings highlights products that have been certified as sustainable and environmentally conscious. With this designation, shoppers can easily identify and support eco-friendly options.


Industry Article Highlight

9 Takeaways From Amazon’s 2022 Sustainability Report


In this article, Kara Hurst, VP and Head of Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon explains some of the key takeaways from Amazon’s 2022 Sustainability Report that was released in mid-July.

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All About the Numbers


Employee Spotlight

Q&A with Andrew Messinger


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