The Witz Monthly Newsletter – June 2024

June 2024 Edition

The season is heating up and we have the latest in e-commerce news ready for you! Check out the newest edition of The Ecom Edge!

Discover Amazon’s exclusive tips to boost your sales on Prime Day and learn about a rumored new feature that could revolutionize how your customers shop on Amazon. This edition is packed with excitement you won’t want to miss!

Main Image A/B Test

We use A/B tests to find the best main image for new listings on Amazon. Our team creates different layouts and compares their performance to choose the most effective one.

Future Game Changer for Amazon Sellers!

What is User-Generated Content and How Can Amazon Sellers Use It for Their Business?

Unlock the full potential of your Amazon business by harnessing the power of User-Generated Content (UGC).

Discover how UGC can enhance your product’s credibility, boost engagement, and drive sales.

All About the Numbers

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