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A team of e‑commerce veterans invested in our partners’ unstoppable growth. Find out more about our humble beginnings and big vision.


t h e   w i t z   s t o r y

From selling perfume below ground
to bringing brands to new heights

From selling perfume below ground to bringing brands to new heights

In 2011, our founders were selling perfume out of a modest basement office. As they grew the business from the (under)ground up, they realized something:

So many incredible retail brands struggle to translate their success to the e‑commerce sphere. They don’t have the know‑how. They don’t have the manpower. They don’t have the time. And so the massive potential of e‑commerce remains unrealized.

Our founders thought: “What if we could leverage everything we’ve learned about selling online to help these struggling brands expand their presence and profits in a massive way?” Fast forward 10 years: we’ve partnered with over 100 health & beauty brands and counting to sell over 25,000 products and grow their brand on Amazon,, Ebay, and more. Our partners’ customers are so happy, they’ve propelled us to top‑ten seller status, with products flying off the digital shelves.

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O U R   P R O M I S E

A partnership that treats
your brand as our own

A partnership that treats your brand as our own

Long Game

We play the long game

We’re laser‑focused on scaling your brand for long‑term viability, not just short‑term gain. As your partners in e‑commerce, we’ll work with you to create a plan that respects your brand and turns your buyers into brand ambassadors, skyrocketing your growth.

Honesty is the best our policy

We don’t make grand promises and then not deliver. We don’t put our interests ahead of yours. And we certainly don’t rely on ambiguous communication. Your success is our priority, and we work hard to overdeliver on this from day one of our partnership, and every day after.

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Our ambition matches yours

We don’t do “off the shelf” strategies or view you as “just another health & beauty brand.” We don’t put your products online and then leave you to figure out the rest yourself. Fully customizing a 360-degree growth strategy for your brand with an eye on industry best practices is what drives our success—and your revenue.

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We work hard & speak soft

When someone else is managing your brand, stellar communication is critical. As a Witz partner, your every call is answered, your every product is handled with the attention and care it deserves. You’ll get so much time and TLC, it’ll feel like we’re part of your team (because we are).

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A door to our past.
A window to your future.

A behind-the-scenes peek at how we got here—and where we’re going.


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"Consistently delivered on their promises"

“Out of all the exclusive Amazon sellers we’ve worked with, none have been more cooperative, straightforward, honest and consistently delivered on their promises as Witz. We highly recommend them to all our colleagues.”

— Rich Iannone, Executive at Source Naturals

"Continuously optimization."

“What’s very unique about Witz’s approach was constant optimization — nowhere near set and forget. They continuously learn about our products to further improve our campaigns and results.”

— Cyrus S. Dennis, EVP Sales & Technology at SheaMoisture

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