Amazon Seller Glossary

As an Amazon seller, you’ll come across a lot of terms, acronyms, and jargon that are unique to Amazon. From product categorization, to advertising campaigns, to metrics, Amazon’s language encompasses so many varied aspects of its extensive ecosystem. We’ve put together this glossary of key Amazon terms to help you become a savvy seller in much less time. Be sure to bookmark this page for your convenience!
A+ Content 
A detail page where the product description has enhanced content and branding. This includes graphics and images embedded into the page.  A+ Content used to be specifically for vendors, but has now also replaced Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for sellers.
ACoS – Advertising Cost of Sale
The percentage of attributed sales spent on advertising. The formula for this is total spend / ad sales = ACoS.
AMS – Amazon Marketing Services
This is now known as Amazon Advertising.
ASIN – Amazon Standard Info Number
Each Amazon product will have a unique 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier that is used specifically for and within Amazon. ASINs can be further broken down into parent and child ASINs for products that have one overall item or style (the parent) with multiple choices when it comes to color, size, pack size, etc. (the child ASINs).
BSR – Best Seller Rank
The order and ranking of a product in the category where it is listed. The rank is updated hourly and takes into account recent and past sales history. If there are no sales (ie, the product is new), the rank will be “None.”
Brand Analytics
A suite of features available to brands enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.
Brand Registry
Amazon’s program for brands to verify and control their brand.
Brand Store
Amazon Brand Stores are created using a free, self-service tool to create a customized brand experience within Amazon. These can be customized and feature logos, products, and a curated experience that best represents a particular brand.
A group of complementary products sold as one ASIN unit.
Buy Box 
The button customers use to purchase a product on an Amazon detail page. The phrase “winning the Buy Box” refers to the merchant (whether Amazon or third-party) that a customer buys from when added to cart. Buy Boxes are won through complex algorithms related to stock, ratings, customer service rankings, etc.
CPC – Cost Per Click
This relates to sponsored ads and the amount Amazon charges the seller or vendors when a customer clicks on their ad. The calculation is total ad cost / clicks. 
CTR – Click Through Rate
A metric that measures the number of clicks per impression of an advertisement. The calculation for this is # of clicks / # impressions = CTR. 
Category Page
A landing page for a specific group of products within the Amazon website. Examples: Books, Electronics or Toys & Games.
Child ASIN
A buyable variant of a parent ASIN, when the customer must select an option such as size or color to purchase. All child ASINs should be on one detail page, under the parent ASIN.
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
Cost to Amazon to acquire a product for sale
DPV – Detail Page Views
A metric showing the number of impressions of a single detail page.
DP – Detail Page
A product page for an ASIN on Amazon. This displays important info such as price, title, bullets, description, customer reviews, etc.
EAN – European Article Number
A 13 digit number system for identifying retail products in Europe.
EBC – Enhanced Brand Content
A detail page where the product description has enhanced content and branding, which includes graphics and images embedded into the page. EBC content used to be specifically for sellers. As of 2020, EBC is obsolete and has been replaced by A+ Content.
Existing Customers
Audiences who have purchased or re-purchased your brand or items on Amazon.
FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon
When Amazon is responsible for storing your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. FBA means Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.
FBM – Fulfilled by Merchant
Also known as MF (Merchant Fulfilled), this refers to shipping products directly to the end customer yourself, as opposed to Amazon doing it.
FC – Fulfillment Center
An Amazon warehouse.
FNSKU – Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit
An Amazon product identifier for products that are fulfilled by Amazon.
GTIN – Global Trade Item Number
Globally unique 14-digit number to identify items, products, and services.
Headline Search Ads
Advertisements that are located on top of a search results page. These have been renamed to Sponsored Brands.
When a seller jumps on a brand’s listing to sell a counterfeit product at a lower price. This causes the legitimate brand to lose the Buy Box and can result in a number of issues for the brand.
A measure of views or ad views. Determined by the number of single times a page is located and loaded.
LD – Lightning Deal
A promotion on Amazon offered in a limited quantity for a short period of time. Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until either the deal’s promotion period expires or all the available inventory is claimed.
Listing Optimization
The process of improving an Amazon detail page and product information, including titles, bullet points, features, description, and images.
Lost Buy Box (LBB)
Clicks on a detail page where Retail lost the BuyBox to 3P sellers.
NTB – New to Brand
Launched in 2019, Amazon’s advertising metric that determines whether an ad-attributed purchase was made by an existing customer or one buying a brand’s product on Amazon for the first time over the prior year. With NTB, advertisers receive campaign performance metrics such as total new-to-brand purchases and sales, new-to-brand purchase rate, and cost per new-to-brand customer.
Shipped Units * Cost Price
PPC – Pay Per Click
A term often used for Amazon Advertising, in which advertisers pay a fee each time an ad is clicked.
Parent ASIN
An ASIN that serves to group variations on one detail page. Each main ASIN can have multiple variants, such as color, size, flavor, scent, etc. The variants are referred to as child ASINs.
Project Zero
An Amazon program for Brand Registry businesses to weed out counterfeits and IP infringement through self-service reporting, serialization, and more.
ROAS – Return On Ad Spend
Used to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Should tell you how many dollars you will receive for every dollar you spend on advertising.
Replenishable Out of Stock (RepOOS)
Clicks on a detail page where Retail items are not available in % of all clicks
Retail Revenue
Shipped Units * Sales Price (excl. VAT)
SB – Sponsored Brands
Keyword-targeted ads that promote a specific brand, and are on a cost-per-click basis.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
A process to increase traffic and visibility to a website, brand, or product through a search engine on the web. Refers only to “organic,” or unpaid or free results, as opposed to paid placement, such as ads.
SFP – Seller Fulfilled Prime
Sellers that stick to the Amazon Prime SLA, but ship from their own warehouses and control their own fulfillment.
Sales Rank
Amazon’s internal ranking of products in search and browse.
Seller Central
The platform used for selling on Amazon as an individual or smaller business
An Amazon brand store, and a mini shop within Amazon curated for your brand.
UPC – Universal Product Code
A 12-digit number displayed with the barcode on the vast majority of retail products.
Verified Review 
A review obtained from a genuine purchaser of the product in question.

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