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Lily of the Desert Case Study

The Winning Partnership between Lily of the Desert and Witz on Amazon

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The challenge

When Lily of the Desert, a leading aloe vera and herbal supplements brand, was experiencing average sales and low visibility on Amazon, they reached out to the Witz team for support.

Starting at the end of 2021, Witz went to work on analyzing the brand’s presence on Amazon. The team determined that the look, feel, voice, and product information needed upgrading and optimizing. 

With the green light from Lily of the Desert, Witz went to work on elevating their brand presence through SEO-optimized product listings, sharp product image renderings, product videos, targeted advertising campaigns, and a newly designed storefront. The combination of tactics has since helped Lily of the Desert establish a strong foothold in the aloe vera category.

Witz is now Lily of the Desert’s top-performing reseller on Amazon. According to the in-house marketing team at Lily of the Desert, Witz has helped them achieve their key targets, inclusive of orders, sales, and brand awareness. In fact, Witz has been so effective in helping the brand grow that they often give Witz the exclusive opportunity to sell certain products.

“They do such a good job getting it in the market and increasing brand awareness. Witz never disappoints.” – JoAnn Baker, Lily of the Desert

The partnership

One of the greatest benefits of the partnership according to Lily of the Desert is that new products that may be slow to sell in brick-and-mortar stores receive a sales boost from the Amazon online presence and associated marketing efforts. For example, their 64-ounce aloe liquid drink has seen a dramatic increase in orders month over month on Amazon, and this growth is now spilling over into retail stores.

Another notable Lily of the Desert success with Witz is the Eco-Drink, a powdered electrolyte vitamin that is growing in sales, with orders consistently increasing every month.

Lily of the Desert credits much of its explosive growth in sales to the partnership with Witz and the hands-on approach that is backed up by great communication. Lily of the Desert has regularly scheduled calls with Witz, and they appreciate Witz’s dedication to helping their brand succeed. The Lily of the Desert marketing team says that Witz has built a nice holistic circle of branching and building on marketing, helping them understand how to succeed on Amazon itself.

Navigating the Amazon backend can be challenging, but Lily of the Desert says they could not function without the assistance and help that Witz provides. The account, marketing, and advertising managers educate the team on what’s going on with Amazon and provide priceless support in these aspects of the business.

“Amazon can be very difficult to navigate through for a busy company without dedicated staff that knows what they’re doing… Witz provides that level of expertise for us… and it just works, because they are dedicated to our success!” – JoAnn Baker, Lily of the Desert

The future

When looking toward the future, Lily of the Desert foresees the partnership with Witz as continuing and being very strong. It’s become a “very nice partnership” that they hope lasts “for a very good long while.”

“Witz is the perfect partner for us because they want us to succeed! Our success ensures their success!” – JoAnn Baker, Lily of the Desert

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