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Mad Hippie Case Study

Natural solutions for your skin, born in the U.S.A., award‑winning advanced skincare, and clean formula cosmetics with rejuvenating actives…of course, we’re talking about Mad Hippie!

Partner Since: 2021 


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70% NTB

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of new listings

With a company name purposely designed to be open to interpretation, Mad (very much) + Hippie (partly due to their benevolent nature) has been creating effective natural skin care products for years! 

Their standard business practice includes supporting conservation‑themed causes. “Since day one, we have donated a portion of all sales to conservation, including Save the Elephants, NRDC, Oceana, and more,” said Co‑Founder, Sam Stewart.

The challenge

“Our biggest challenge was navigating the many different online platforms and finding the time to fully brand on sites like Amazon.

Witz did a great job of really getting to know the brand so that they could help us put together not just a great looking presentation on Amazon but also something that truly speaks to our ethos and unique brand perspective,” said Stewart.

Bringing Mad Hippie to life on Amazon and showcasing the unique features of their natural facial skincare line were the first tasks on Witz’s To-Do list. This hand-off allows the brand to continue focusing on developing new products and expanding existing product lines.

The partnership

“The collaboration began immediately,” said Jeff Carducci, Chief Customer Officer. “It was surprising since other sellers had been a one-way experience. Collaboration has been both ways, and our listings on Amazon improved immediately.”

In April 2021, the partnership between Mad Hippie and Witz Group began with a concerted effort.

Witz put their heads down and got to work. The team was able to:

Revamp the Mad Hippie Amazon Storefront

An Amazon storefront must be effortless for the shopper to navigate, improve conversions, and be an overall inviting consumer experience.

Witz’s visual design for the new Mad Hippie storefront includes a headline video with a brief message that applies to the meaningful benefits of the entire line. Playful, lighthearted visuals are on each of the four distinct product category tiles.

Maintaining a fun hippy vibe keeps the storefront cohesive, appealing, and easily identifiable. The final design includes brand associated images, color, and language.

Optimize listings including copy, visuals & listing video

The graphics and copy teams harmonized the brand message with Mad Hippie’s voice within the Amazon listing requirements and best practices. Witz created or edited dynamic product videos to be utilized within an ASINs listing and advertising campaigns.

Create multiple listings from scratch, including research, for new product launches

After carefully researching keywords, writing listings to set Mad Hippie apart from competitors, inform the consumer, and end in a sale are created.

Conduct paid ad campaign launches using Headline Search Ad visuals, video ads, and more.

Conducting paid ad campaigns ensures Mad Hippie products are front and center wherever the shopper looks as they scroll. The results are verified through a healthy TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) and seeing the needle move on organic sales.

Carefully executing the revamp to seamlessly present the brand on the digital selling platform with Mad Hippie’s presence on their own website and social media accounts was top of mind for Witz.

The future

“We view Witz as a true partner–they help build our business. And so, we go and will continue to go to them before any other seller. We will proudly be launching our entire line of natural cosmetics on Amazon through Witz,” shared Carducci.

As Mad Hippie continues to grow and flourish, they realize the solid value they have found in working with Witz Group. Putting your best face forward is easy with the right partner! 

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