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We’ve turned scores of brands into stunning online successes. Here are two of their stories.



Natural Heaven

Bringing healthier pasta to the masses: Natural Heaven partners with Witz to boost their brand awareness—and their bottom line.

Partner Since


Partner Since



Over 5X increase in monthly sales since 2019


Fulfilled orders quickly and efficiently during 300%+ sales peaks due to influencer activity


8.1X ROAS from Amazon advertising

The challenge

After losing his father to heart disease, Raphael Martati realized the life-and-death difference that eating habits can make. But once he began struggling to control his sugar levels and attempting to change his own food habits, Raphael resolved to develop a new alternative to the food he loved—pasta.

Natural Heaven started selling their line of grain-free, gluten-free, additive-free, largely hearts-of-palm-based products online, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. They lacked the logistics expertise needed to scale. Developing the right content for their listings was also a constant challenge. And dealing with the day-to-day e-commerce operations and fulfillment was a big time-suck for their team. When they heard about Witz through a mutual contact, they decided to join forces. And never looked back.

The partnership

“What set Witz apart is that they are truly invested in our brand,” says Martati. “When we started partnering with Witz, we were still selling out of our garage, and now we’ve expanded far beyond that; Witz’s fulfillment center enabled us to scale beyond our expectations, and do so in a cost-effective way.”

The Witz team filled the vital role as creative director for Natural Heaven’s product listing content, directing photography and collaborating on listing copy. They also provided input on packaging design and guided Natural Heaven on how to effectively migrate their brand voice to the e‑commerce platform.

The Witz team also helped Natural Heaven navigate through the complex world of Amazon and other top e‑commerce platforms. As Natural Heaven developed new products, Witz provided essential input to ensure that the launch was done in the most effective way possible from an Amazon perspective. And Witz is now working to establish a strong presence for the brand on Walmart and Amazon Global Marketplaces. “It was so valuable to have an expert on Amazon and e‑commerce working as an extension of our team and guiding us every step of the way,” says Martati.

One critical objective of the Amazon strategy was raising brand awareness. To this end, Natural Heaven leveraged the power of influencer marketing to introduce their products to a much wider audience—sending sales soaring. “We were ready to close up for the weekend one Friday,” recalls Martati, “when we found out that an influencer posted a video of our lasagna, and our sales skyrocketed.” The ROI was show-stopping: there was an over 300% increase in sales on average after each influencer post. Witz was a crucial partner in this effort, supporting sales peaks and continuity to fulfill orders in a timely and accurate way.

The future

With all the heavy lifting of their online sales and fulfillment off their shoulders, Natural Heaven’s team can now focus on product development, marketing, and running the business. Not only has Natural Heaven’s sales increased over 5 fold since partnering with Witz, but their close collaboration has even led to the development of new products. In Martati’s words, “Witz is constantly teaching us how to grow right.”

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