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Hair today, growth tomorrow: Witz fast-tracks SheaMoisture to soaring Amazon sales

Partner Since


Partner Since



growth in Amazon sales within the first year


114 new bundles were launched since 2016


12x ROAS from Amazon advertising

The challenge

SheaMoisture manufactures and sells natural, sustainably-produced personal care and beauty products targeting multicultural consumers. The company is the legacy of Sofi Tucker, a mother and entrepreneur who began selling Shea Butter and other homemade beauty products in Sierra Leone in 1912. With recipes handed down through generations, SheaMoisture continues to create their extensive line of compromise-free products from raw shea butter handcrafted by women in Africa. SheaMoisture was recently acquired by Unilever and is poised to conquer the global market.

Before partnering with Witz in 2016, SheaMoisture had been selling in retail stores across the U.S. and running a robust e‑commerce business through their website, But SheaMoisture’s leaders knew that Amazon presented a crucial opportunity to increase the accessibility of their products, reach new customers, grow their brand awareness, and, of course, increase their sales. They just didn’t know how.

“We wanted to take the fast track onto the Amazon platform with experts that knew how to navigate this platform,” says Cyrus S. Dennis, EVP of Sales & Technology. “It would have taken us a year or more to learn enough and make enough mistakes to be able to execute a successful Amazon strategy. We couldn’t wait that long.” Teaming up with Witz was the natural choice.

The partnership

In contrast to other players in the space, Witz’s reputation stood out to the SheaMoisture team for their being honest, thoughtful, and respectful of their clients’ brands: “Some companies were either very focused on metrics and KPIs that aligned with their own business or weren’t willing to listen to how to engage our audience—which was, at the time, a largely-underserved multicultural female consumer,” says Dennis.“But week in and week out, Witz spent the time to test, learn, and understand what worked best in the marketplace—and how to apply data and knowledge to put the best product forward. This was a key factor in our ability to grow the business successfully.”

One of the most successful strategies—tested and perfected by the Witz team—was developing innovative product bundles that give consumers opportunities to purchase sets rather than individual items, thereby increasing SheaMoisture’s profit margins significantly. Executing this model successfully required an ability to understand and adapt to what customers were looking for, and a constant commitment to keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging trends and changing algorithms to drive the company’s rapid growth.

“Many folks [at Amazon] did not understand how we were able to grow the business at the rate that we did,” says Dennis. “It was because of our strong, dynamic partnership with Witz. Their team was willing to understand our consumer—Who is she? What is she looking for? That investment of time and energy to learn was huge. That made Witz the best partner for us.”

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The future

Now owned by Unilever, the SheaMoisture brand continues to reach new heights. According to Dennis: “It has allowed us to reach a consumer and service her in a fair and equitable way. We may not be a household name yet, but most people have heard of SheaMoisture and remember something about it. And a hundred years from now, when we’re gone, I expect SheaMoisture will live on as a worldwide brand founded on those values.”

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