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Uncle Lee Case Study

Producing and harvesting the best tasting and fragrant tea leaves resulting in the perfect cup of tea involves a lot of behind‑the‑scenes work. Bringing the process and flavors of various teas to life in an appealing and meaningful way to the online shopper can be equally challenging. How can Uncle Lee stand out in a virtual sea of tea?

Partner Since: 2019 


Partner Since



ROAS on an average of 5.44X

80% NTB

80% NTB (New to Brand) Orders Resulting from Sponsored Brand Ads

Top Position

Winning top position for relevant keywords, such as slimming tea

7,975 Rating

Rating doubled from 3,659 in 2021 due to content & advertising optimization

2k to 700

Sales rank drop to 3-digit value from 2k

The challenge

A combination of ancient tea recipes, traditional teas, and trendy flavor blends are part of the Uncle Lee Tea Inc. retail offerings. Through three generations, Uncle Lee has maintained their mission of preserving its heritage while bringing tasty tea varieties to new audiences. 

In 2019, Uncle Lee first partnered with Witz Group to see how the premier e‑commerce enabler could support their brand in the online marketplace, and that’s when sales started to shift.

Bringing Uncle Lee’s premium teas to the digital shelves may seem like a formula for writing an attention-grabbing listing, uploading a product photo, and watching the sales totals. To truly stand out and bring their authentic and delicious teas to both established tea-drinking fans and new customers, it begins with a combination of research and creativity for Witz Group’s team.

The partnership

Impact of Personal Touch

Getting to know a brand, its voice, products, and market; are among the first steps Witz takes with new partners.

“The teamwork and working relationship, combined with strategy and focus from Witz with our great quality products at the right price, all work together to create a wonderful marriage,” said James O’Young, Senior Vice-President of Uncle Lee.

The next step is to take the compiled research and develop a plan.

For Uncle Lee, that meant:

  1. Revamp existing and create new listings utilizing the latest SEO/keyword techniques with brand-specific language describing tea flavors, benefits, and preparation tips. Generate outstanding main illustrations and compelling lifestyle images for both individual products and the brand as a whole.
  2. Design a quality storefront and EBC with coordinated messages and visuals.
  3. Produce an eye-catching product video to accompany listings that explain product benefits and used in various advertising.
  4. Advertising campaigns such as Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads to increase awareness and drive traffic while impacting overall sales with great RoAS and ACoS.
“We receive outstanding personal service and are in touch almost daily. The team is proactive, helpful, responsive, and really easy to work with,” O’Young adds.

The future

“When we see Witz is performing, we get excited. We really merge very well and know we will continue expanding very well. I see a lot more down the road,” said James. “We are just getting started in the Amazon marketplace.”

As a result, Witz and Uncle Lee will continue expanding the teas available in the digital marketplace, optimizing listings and assets, and continue taking advantage of available resources including Amazon Posts.

“Since the end of 2021 we have been more active and see more potential. We see a very bright future ahead and plan on increasing sales by increasing listings with Witz. We are like family,” said Soumia Errida, Office Manager.

Witz confidently looks forward to future success and raises a tasty cup of Uncle Lee’s Tea in celebration–offering premium tea every day for everyone.

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