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Vital Earth Minerals Case Study

The Winning Partnership between Vital Earth Minerals and Witz on Amazon

Partner Since: 2022 

Partner Since



Sales increase from June 2022 to March 2023


listings revamped, top to bottom


complete storefront development and design

The challenge

In 2022, Vital Earth Minerals, a well-established health supplements brand, was facing the common challenges faced by many successful brands of getting past Amazon compliance issues. Some of their content was getting rejected and often without a clear explanation or clear path to correcting the issues.

Last year, in 2022, their best-selling fulvic-humic mineral blend product was delisted due to a health claim violation. Since Witz was already a reseller for the delisted product, one of the Witz account managers reached out to the Colorado-based company’s owner to offer his help. Witz and Vital Earth worked together to resolve the issue within one day.

The resolution to this issue, based on Witz’s insider knowledge of Amazon, established trust between the two companies, leading to Witz becoming the only authorized reseller of Vital Earth Minerals. In return, Witz offered a wide range of services to assist Vital Earth Minerals, all included in the cost of goods sold to Witz.

According to Kassandra Fletcher, Operations Manager at Vital Earth Minerals, one of their major challenges before partnering with Witz was dealing with the many unauthorized resellers who were causing pricing chaos for customers and wholesalers alike. Another challenge was their brand presence on Amazon, which up until that point had not been prioritized.

The partnership

Since the partnership began in mid-2022, Fletcher noted a significant increase in purchase orders from Witz. In fact, within two months of partnering, monthly sales through Witz on Amazon had doubled, and within six months, they tripled.

On the way to achieving these sales milestones, Witz was able to remove many of the unauthorized resellers and move toward returning full control of the brand back to Vital Earth Minerals.

At the same time, the in-house marketing team revamped many of Vital Earth Minerals’ top-selling listings. Graphic designers created eye-catching imagery that aligned with the brand, while copywriters optimized the product copy for better visibility on Amazon’s search engine. The team also created an elegant and cohesive storefront with consistent messaging, clearly communicating the products’ benefits to potential customers.

Anthelme Machet, CEO of Vital Earth Minerals, emphasized the value of these top-tier marketing services, which had saved the company the expense and time of working with an external marketing agency.

Additionally, working with Witz, Machet appreciates the valuable insights on industry trends gained through their Partner Portal, a proprietary database created by Witz that organizes data from Amazon in a user-friendly format. Machet expressed that before he had access to the Portal, his company lacked a clear understanding of their Amazon performance.

Fletcher describes the overall relationship with Witz as easy and expressed appreciation for their attentive approach. “They’ve always listened to my concerns throughout this entire process,” she said, adding, ‘they’ve never made me feel pressured or that my ideas were inferior.” She believes Witz genuinely cares about the brand and operates under the philosophy that the two companies’ success is intertwined, fostering a mutually positive and prosperous partnership.

“They’ve always listened to my concerns throughout this entire process,” … “they’ve never made me feel pressured or that my ideas were inferior.”
– Kassandra Fletcher, Operations Manager at Vital Earth Minerals

The future

Both Fletcher and Machet foresee continued growth with Witz on Amazon and in new markets. They are currently expanding into the marketplace, and Witz is again helping them navigate the site’s guidelines for compliance.

Fletcher expressed excitement about the future of the partnership, stating, “I can only see us going up from here with Witz.”

“It’s a great group. Entrusting your business and brand with Witz will lead only to growth and positive effects.”
– Anthelme Machet, CEO of Vital Earth Minerals

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