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Welcome to the Witz Group Partner Portal

Accurate Analysis & Critical Insights

Witz Group presents our premier Partner Portal! 

Our hosted dashboard with fully transparent data is user-friendly and useful. Our partners can easily access real-time or historical data related to individual listings, performance in specific regions, entire line sales, advertising spend ratios versus organic sales, and other metrics—all just a click away.

Brand Performance Tools


Access your sales activity in real-time, confirm conversion rates & buy box wins


Adjust promotion strategies confidently based on meaningful metrics.


Identify successful ad spend return & ASINs that need attention.


Use the Sales section to calculate final sale totals by brand or ASIN in real-time or compared to a specific day, week, or month. Capture sales metric data in the graph or chart format you need. 

Measure & Track

Looking for a quick snapshot for your latest product launch or want to conduct a deep-dive analysis of your complete line? Our Partner Portal delivers dashboard options that make sense, are easy to navigate, and best of all — give you the sales information you need in seconds.

Whether you need to share the results internally with the team or deliver a presentation to suppliers, your data is easily convertible and downloadable.


Need a quick snapshot of a campaign’s direction or reliable results of marketing efforts? The answer is easily found in the Partner Portal.

Evaluate Effectiveness

Key data points including ad sales in dollars, number of ad units sold, ad spend in dollars and ad sales in percentages are always available at the top of the screen for quick reads.

Customize the information you need by selecting the boxes located at the bottom of each graph. Review top-performing searches and keywords and see how each translates into your bottom line.


Online retailers can expect a percentage of customer returns. The Partner Portal provides data for analysis and determination between trends or normal parameters.

Identify Opportunities

Customer returns are standard with digital sales. Do you know your average product return rate and how it compares with the expected industry standard? Are you operating within a normal range, or is something more urgent happening? Make real sense of your online return rate.

Examine customers’ return reasons, analyze the returns report by product, date, and evaluate consumer comments in one central location.

Witz Group’s Partner Portal

We know our brands are looking for a convenient and straightforward means to access their own data and that was the framework for our Partner Portal.

Our team of professionals will continue to identify opportunities, report trends, and monitor your e‑commerce journey.

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