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Sliquid Case Study

When it comes to water‑based and natural intimacy products, Sliquid has led the way in the market for decades. In recent years, when rogue resellers on Amazon started to tear down the well‑established brand, Witz stepped in to successfully defend Sliquid and build back one of their most important assets: customer trust.

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The challenge

For Michelle Marcus, Director of Sales at Sliquid, a Texas‑based intimacy products company, the main business challenge she faced was how to protect her well‑established retail brand on Amazon. The number of resellers tearing down the pricing of Sliquid products, especially during the pandemic, when she says everything went “haywire,” was overwhelming. 

Keeping control of Sliquid’s presence and pricing was a daunting task, even for the experienced Sliquid sales team, without knowing all the ins and outs of Amazon, where everything changes by the day. There were many times along the way when the Sliquid team almost threw up their hands and gave up on Amazon, given the bandwidth needed to manage Sliquid’s presence.

In 2018 Witz first saw the potential of the Sliquid brands and approached the company to become a general vendor for them on Amazon. And then in 2022, the already successful relationship kicked into high gear with creative marketing services added to general business relations. This strong partnership, Marcus says, has made all the difference.

The partnership

When Witz stepped up activities on behalf of Sliquid in 2022, the team helped Marcus get an even better grasp on the resellers that were tearing down the pricing of the products and damaging relationships with her long‑term distributors. She says it was an integral move to rely on Witz to handle this aspect of the business. 

“Given the relationships that Witz has built with Amazon, they were able to tackle everything – from the creative to the keyword activity to reduce the growing number of resellers devaluing the Sliquid brand.”

The results: Marcus firmly believes that thanks to Witz’s creative designs and overall approach, brand recognition has gone up for Sliquid in a way that the company could not have otherwise accomplished.

“Having a company like Witz with the ability to hone in on the benefits and opportunities – that in itself has proven to be an incredible addition to this partnership,” Marcus says.

According to Marcus, without having the Witz partnership in place the integrity of the Sliquid brand on Amazon would not exist. “Thanks to Witz taking the bull by the horns, staying on top of every change that occurs at Amazon, we now have a secure and thriving presence on Amazon.“

Having a new storefront created by the Witz creative team that links so many products together, for example, has provided exponential peace of mind to consumers, which was something only made possible by the partnership.

The future

Marcus believes Sliquid would not be where they are today without the dedication of the Witz Team. Especially in regard to the resellers, Witz has been able to successfully tackle the reseller market in a way that saved Sliquid many headaches. 

When asked about the future, Marcus says she sees a partnership with Witz without end. She appreciates that in every monthly call, the Witz team presents new opportunities, while the team also grows in their shared vision for the brand from all aspects, including the creative.

“I look at things day by day but I forecast as far out as possible, I really don’t see an end to the growth potential of this partnership,” she says.

“Not only is the team at Witz driven and dedicated as far as the sales aspect goes, but when it comes down to the creative overhaul, they are probably the most dedicated team of individuals to shine the greatest light on a brand, I mean, almost to the point where you would think that Witz is part of Sliquid.” – Michelle Marcus

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